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Green Goddess

Warming climate puts energy chief on the hot seat

Crowe Power chair Lindsey Harper Crowe is under attack from all sides: her woke daughter protesting outside headquarters, her ex-husband conniving to get control of the business, a hostile administration in Washington D.C., and a cut-throat hedge fund manager bent on breaking up her company.

Could nuclear fusion provide the green answer the world is waiting for? She could bet the company to find out.

Where the story happens

Green Goddess is set in New York City.

Astor Court, St. Regis Hotel

Broad Street

Missy Mayburn Crowe helps lead a protest march to the headquarters of her mother’s energy company for its failure to “transition” to a green business model.

[Missy Crowe confessing to her fellow marcher, Blair.]

“I can’t stand even telling people I’m a Crowe. Everyone—everyone—knows my mother is Lindsey Harper Crowe, and that she runs the Crowe Power Company. And they know the company is completely irresponsible. All of those people at that company are like pushers, feeding our addiction to oil and gas.”

Astor Court, St. Regis Hotel

Larabee Industries

The sign for Larrabee Industries was put up by the building owner at 30 Broad Street as an homage to the fictional company run by Humphrey Bogart in the 1954 film, Sabrina.

[Family scion Missy Mayburn Crowe participated in a protest outside Crowe Power. Blocked from entering the company, she sought another target for her spray paint.]

Breaking away from the demonstration, Missy stealthily walked behind her comrades, scanning adjacent buildings for other corporate transgressors. There, at 30 Broad Street, was a brass plaque near the door that read:

Since 1954

Aha! She turned to Blair, who was tagging along behind her. “Check it out, Blair. This is Larrabee’s headquarters.”

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

North Cove Marina

Deposed Crowe Power chairman Robbie Crowe works in exile at a foundation in Battery Park City, where the office overlooks the marina.

[Robbie lamenting that he’s away from the action of his former life.]

“This is just… it’s just a different world. I’m out here in the middle of nowhere.” He gestured blandly toward the world beyond his windows. “I don’t even know what neighborhood I’m in. FiDi? Battery Park City? Elba? Somebody said it’s Triberia, which sounds about right.”

Broad Street

Bar at Nougatine

The elegant café at the southwest corner of Central Park is where PR man Marty McGarry expects to meet his Tinder date.

[Marty’s date summarizes his life.]

Gwynne turned back to Marty. “So you’re divorced, unemployed and possibly homeless. You’re quite a catch, Marty.”
“I’m vaccinated. Does that count for something?”
She shrugged. “Not much.”

Astor Court, St. Regis Hotel

Lincoln Center

Marty’s neighborhood on the Upper West Side includes Lincoln Center, a cultural hub for New York City.

[Marty orders a Bay of Pigs Breakfast Bagel from a barista at Café Che, known as Commie Coffee.]

Marty nodded. “Well, okay. Give me one of those and a regular Guerilla Grind coffee.”

“Sure thing,” she said cheerfully. “Would you like to buy a Café Che t-shirt or red star beret? A Hero of the Soviet Union coffee mug? We have a Grand Opening special with all socialist merchandise twenty percent off.”

Marty thought over the offer. “Shouldn’t it be free?”

Astor Court, St. Regis Hotel


Lindsey meets the notorious hedge fund manager, Harold “Hacksaw Harry” Crenshaw, for lunch at the popular restaurant in Greenwich Village,

[Lindsey meets her lawyer, Bentley, before joining Hacksaw Harry in the dining room.]

Lindsey nodded and smoothed her skirt. “How do I look?”

Bentley appraised her tweed Chanel suit, with three-quarter length sleeves and a slim skirt. “Like a million dollars.”

She arched an eyebrow. “I hope more than that.”
“Why do you say that?”
“I want him to think I’m unaffordable.”

Astor Court, St. Regis Hotel

Jersey City

New Jersey’s second largest city is home to Crowe Power’s nuclear fusion research lab known as ConFusion.

[Lindsey led a delegation of senior company leaders to review the lab’s progress.]

Lindsey pressed on. “So tell me,” she said to PC. “Why should we continue to fund this project when so many companies have failed to make money?”

“Because you’re in energy and this is the single best solution to the world’s energy problems,” PC said.

Astor Court, St. Regis Hotel

Hudson River

Hacksaw Harry attempts to woo Robbie to his side in the fight over Crowe Power with a trip on his yacht.

[The yacht sails near the Statue of Liberty, prompting the perpetually lustful Robbie to ponder an odd question.]

Robbie nodded, absently, then looked up and studied the monument, cocking his head from side to side. “You think she has a nice ass?”
“Lady Liberty?”

“I mean, she’s dressed like the Taliban, so it’s hard to tell,” Robbie said. “But sometimes I wonder: what’s behind the curtain? You know?”

21 Club

Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium

Marty proposes a demonstration of nuclear fusion’s “star power” at the Liberty Science Center’s planetarium.

[A presentation explaining fusion is played for investors, media, and government officials.]

“Fusion. The perfect source of clean energy. Harnessing the power of the sun and the stars and bringing it to Earth. No carbon emissions. No greenhouse gasses.”

Marty leaned over to Lindsey, “Maybe no electricity either.”
“Fingers crossed,” she said, hopefully.

Pierre Hotel

Statue of Liberty

Lindsey tries to show that fusion can generate electricity through a demonstration at the Statue of Liberty.

[Marty’s plan calls for Lindsey to climb the stairs to Lady Liberty’s torch.]

Through the open door, she could hear Marty’s voice echoing up through the arm.
“How’s it going up there?”
“It’s swaying!” she yelled.
“It’s what?”

Astor Court, St. Regis Hotel
Astor Court, St. Regis Hotel
Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse
Broad Street
Astor Court, St. Regis Hotel
Astor Court, St. Regis Hotel
Astor Court, St. Regis Hotel
Astor Court, St. Regis Hotel
21 Club
Pierre Hotel
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- Patricia H. Campbell | Fossil Feuds series

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"Jon has a great sense of humor and plays off all the craziness going on in the energy industry. I highly recommend this entertaining book…."

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"This is a light, fun, hilarious read about corporate shenanigans and buffoonery; I snickered and smirked with a dirty sense of delight every night reading it."

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“Just as Joseph Heller took us inside the absurdities of the military, this book takes us inside the craziness of the corporate American. Told with great insights and wit, this is a book that is impossible to put down.”

- Amazon Customer | A Turn in Fortune

“Beautifully told story of the games people play in corporate America. Insightful without taking itself seriously. A fun read that never gets silly. Found myself highlighting or bookmarking well-written passages regularly. Enjoyable read that left me wanting another 30 pages.”

- Christine L. | A Turn in Fortune

“A fun and fascinating insight into the corporate world. Beautifully written with well-crafted characters and a wonderful story line.”

- Kirkus Reviews | Heirs on Fire

“This satire of industrial fortune and family money brims with wickedly funny moments and offers readers plenty of memorable characters. There are also many laugh-out-loud scenes.”

- Reading in Tucson | Heirs on Fire

"The story moved along with great characters and you'll find yourself cheering at the conclusion.”

- C J Tennyson | Heirs on Fire

"The saga of the Crowe family business empire provides laughs on every page. Pepper's understanding of the corporate world makes his characters as authentic as they are farcical. Great read and a great escape.”

- William G. Abbatt | Heirs on Fire

“A gifted communicator, Pepper’s way with words shows in the text and even in the Chapter headings… Pepper write(s) insightfully and often hilariously in this genre. Heirs engages and challenges.”