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Jon Pepper

Jon Pepper is a novelist, entrepreneur and consultant based in New York City.

A native of Michigan, Jon won numerous awards for his coverage of business and politics as a national writer and columnist for The Detroit News. He subsequently became the president of a start-up firm in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and an executive for two Fortune 100 companies before starting his own communications agency, Indelable, in New York.

His first book, A Turn in Fortune, was published in 2018. A satirical look at the personal conflicts atop global companies, it infuriated some business bosses who felt it hit a little too close to home, and delighted other executives who laughed at the familiar absurdities of life at the top.

Next comes Heirs on Fire, a follow-up released in the fall of 2020. It chronicles the continuing battles of entitled scion Robbie Crowe as he fights for respect and recognition while dealing with an estranged wife, a cagey mistress, a takeover threat and a possible revolt in his storied family.

Jon’s career as a journalist, executive and entrepreneur gave him a front row seat in the corner suites, homes, private jets and first class hotels where the business elite dwell. With an eye for human quirks, insights into personal motivations and an ear for mimicry, Jon captures the multiple dimensions of life in executive suites with entertaining accuracy.

“I’ve always loved good satires about the ruling classes in books, TV and movies,” Jon says. “The goal of my novels is to immerse readers in that world, make them laugh and make them wonder: What would these people do if they had real jobs?”

Jon and his wife Diane, who designed the covers of his books, reside in Manhattan.

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