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Jon Pepper

JON PEPPER is a novelist, entrepreneur, and business consultant based in New York City.

Missy’s Twitch is the fourth novel in his series, Fossil Feuds, centering on the bickering descendants of industrialist Homer Crowe and their battles with politicians, activists, competitors, and one another. Jon’s previous books were recommended by Kirkus Reviews (Green Goddess is “a rollicking ride” and Heirs on Fire is “wickedly funny”) and the New York Post (Heirs on Fire is “a clever corporate satire”).

A native of Michigan, Jon won numerous awards as a national writer and business columnist for The Detroit News. He was also a radio talk show host, president of a media firm focused on nanotechnology, and an executive for energy and automotive companies. He is president of the strategic communications agency, Indelable, which he co-founded in 2014.

Jon’s career as a journalist, executive, and entrepreneur affords him an inside view on the pressures of running an enterprise in a contentious world. With an eye for comic absurdities, colorful characters, and telling detail, Jon brings readers inside a fictional c-suite for an entertaining story.

“I’ve been a fan of satire since I opened my first copy of MAD Magazine as a kid,” Jon says. “Since then, I’ve gravitated toward send-ups of business and politics such as the movie, Office Space, the TV show, Veep, and the novels of Tom Wolfe and Sinclair Lewis. The biggest challenge in writing satire these days is staying ahead of the parody found in real life, which keeps catching up with my books.”

Jon and his wife Diane, a graphic artist who designed the covers of his books, reside in Manhattan.

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