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Heirs On Fire

Jon Pepper Books / Book Club Discussion Guide

In answering the questions below, discuss why you’ve come to your conclusion.

How would you describe Lindsey’s evolution?

  • Where is she when the book opens?
  • How different is she at the end?
  • Do you know anyone who has gone through such a transition out of necessity?

What did you think about Robbie’s treatment of Charles, the flight attendant?

  • Did he deserve Robbie’s wrath?
  • Is that level of abuse ever okay? Should people in positions of power, and stress, be excused for “letting go”?
  • Why did Lindsey see Charles differently?
  • Why did she try to help him?

How would you characterize Dr. Kristi Kramer?

  • What drives her?
  • What tools does she use to manipulate Robbie into getting what she wants?
  • Does she believe what she tells the Crowe Power management team? What she tells Robbie?
  • Why did Robbie go to see her in North Carolina?

What are your impressions of Missy and Chase (the children of Lindsey and Robbie)?

  • Are they following in Robbie’s footsteps or Lindsey’s?
  • Why does Missy seem so angry with her mother?
  • Is Missy right to scorn the source of her family’s wealth?
  • Does Chase deserve his sense of entitlement?
  • What are the odds he’ll succeed at the business he tells Lindsey about?

Describe Digby’s character arc.

  • What is the line he has to walk in dealing with Robbie?
  • What ultimately puts him over the edge?
  • Did he do the right thing at the end?
  • Should Lindsey keep him on?

What is the bond between Lindsey and Bits?

  • Why is Bits sympathetic to her sister-in-law?
  • Why does Bits push Lindsey to have a drink with her? Was that fair?
  • Where does Bits come out in the end? Why?

How could Lindsey meet Maria after what she had done?

  • Did this suggest Lindsey was over Robbie?
  • Did she blame Robbie more than Maria for their dalliance?
  • Was there a bigger issue at stake, now that Lindsey was looking forward?

Discuss the family meeting.

  • How did Lindsey prepare for that meeting?
  • How did that differ from the way Robbie prepared for busines meetings?
  • What were the biggest issues on peoples’ minds?
  • What turned their opinions?

Did Fred deserve to get the boot from Staminum?

  • Why didn’t Walker give him more of a chance?
  • Was Fred mistaken in approaching Walker?
  • Was Fred honest in his negotiations with Crowe Power?

Why did Steady allow his family to profit from secret deals regarding new technologies?

  • The ends justified the means?
  • It was the only way to keep his family together?
  • It was his way to hold on to power?

Robbie selected Tim as his CEO and then brought in Fred.

  • What was it about them that Robbie was drawn to?

Why do wealthy families turn against the source of their wealth?

  • Guilt?
  • Enlightenment?

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