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Heirs On Fire

A Burning Passion for…Something More

It’s not that the heirs to the rival Crowe and Stamper industrial fortunes don’t have enough in life. It’s just that they want more. More money. More power. More love. More public admiration from a generation as concerned with how people make their pile as how much is in it. The pressure they feel to improve their social standing leads to fraught decisions and unintended consequences.

At the center of the satirical novel Heirs of Fire is Robbie Crowe, an entitled scion who chairs a global company, working through a potentially disastrous divorce from his estranged wife, Lindsey Harper Crowe. Lindsey emerges from life in a bubble and a bottle to challenge Robbie’s authority, lest he squander their children’s fortunes in his efforts to quiet his critics and win respect.

The Stampers, cross-town competitors to the Crowes for more than a century, believe that virtue is hardly its own reward. They want compensation for their beneficence, and their scheme to get it leaves their tottering empire vulnerable in ways they never expected.

For the Crowes and Stampers, room at the top is getting very crowded, leaving very little room for mistakes. It’s a long way down.

A Turn in fortune

One Surprising Turn Deserves Another

The chairman of Crowe Power Company would seem to have it all: A storied name, a vast fortune, a global business empire, and a lifestyle that includes homes around the world and a private jet to take him wherever he’d like to go. All L. Robertson “Robbie” Crowe III lacks is respect.

When Walker B. Hope, the executive who turned around the Crowe family’s failing business, is hailed on the cover of Fortune Magazine as possibly the best CEO in America, Robbie spirals into a jealous rage, setting in motion a power struggle that will leave only one of them standing.

Jon Pepper’s satirical novel, A Turn in Fortune, captures the wild gyrations of life in a corporate America C-suite in dramatic and entertaining fashion as blue-blood Robbie and blue-collar Walker joust in the corridors and conference rooms of Crowe Power’s Manhattan headquarters. Their fight is over credit for success, class distinctions, and the direction of a business that burns fossil fuels -– an embarrassing taboo in Robbie’s elite social circles.

The entitled libertine scion Robbie and the self-made hard-driving perfectionist Walker couldn’t be more different, yet they also couldn’t be more alike: Both crave glory, are competitive in the extreme, and will ruthlessly push the people around them to get what they want when they want it. Which is right now.

There’s more than one turn of fortune in this compelling story, including a stunning conclusion that suggests their war is far from over.

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