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A Turn In Fortune

Jon Pepper Books / Book Club Discussion Guide

In answering the questions below, discuss why you’ve come to your conclusion.

What drives Robbie’s animosity toward Walker Hope? Why?

  • Insecurities?
  • Jealousy over Walker’s success?
  • Walker treating Robbie as though they were social equals?
  • Walker’s “disrespect” toward Robbie?
  • A legitimate concern over Walker’s business strategy?

Describe the relationship between Robbie and Lindsey.

  • Why does she put up with him?
  • How does she cope?
  • What causes her to push back?

Why is Robbie attracted to Maria?

  • What is it about her that made her exciting?
  • Why does that change?
  • Was Maria’s angry response justified?

Why is Robbie so drawn to Natalia?

  • What does she represent to him?
  • Is he deluding himself that he can win her over?
  • How would you characterize her attitude toward him?

Describe the relationship between Robbie and Howie-Do-It.

  • Why does Robbie tolerate someone with a very different social status?
  • Does Robbie regard Howie as a friend or a useful tool?
  • What does Howie get out of the relationship?

Was Tim a good choice for Robbie?

  • What made him a viable candidate in Robbie’s eyes?
  • Was Robbie’s judgment correct?

What is Marty’s role in the company?

  • Is he honest in defending the company?
  • What is the line he has to walk between Robbie and Walker?
  • Why were Walker and Robbie both upset by the Fortune story? Were they justified?

Why are Walker’s office and Robbie’s office so different?

  • What are the messages they are trying to convey?
  • Do they reflect their different attitudes toward the company?

Why does Robbie obsess over Broad Street Blue?

  • Because he’s the steward over corporate identity?
  • Because it’s one of the few topics in which he is fully-grounded?

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